Get the right measure at the right place

We aim at making agriculture & Agtech smarter. And at the root of smart Agtech management is the measure.

Our job ? Smart measurement at the roots & smart delivery of data at your hands. And finally help you in making the right, measure-based decisions.

Imagine you could measure inline your growth element, substrate quality etc. No more need to pick up the sample, bring it to the lab, wait for the result…

That’s what Metagritech offers now to Agtech : A complete, in-situ and automated, measurement platform. Drop it where you need it, and go !

Imagine you could plug to your production lines, not only a single probe, but a whole analytical lab.

That’s what we did with Metagritech, and our MetaBox stands as a « one stop shop » analytical platform to carry on the main measurement needs in AgTech. That means :

_Up to 12 embeded parameters, including temperature, electro-conductivity and oxydo-reduction potential plus 9 optional parameters such as pH, NPK, Calcium … at micromolar resolution level.

_Management of third part probes and sensors as add-on, that benefits of the automation & communication features of MetaBox. We’ll propose dissolved oxygen (DO), chemical oxygen demand (COD) and CO2 sensors, and we’ll be glad to link yours.

Imagine you could run a whole analytical lab without skill or people constraint.

We designed our products to do so. Just place the box where you need it, plug it, indicate the frequency of measures and alert tresholds, and go.

No more calibration or spare constraints. We offer now Measure As a Service, all inclusive.

What else ?

Our products are designed to be fully interactive, locally as well as worldwide.

To turn any communication constraint, we embed wired, wifi, 4G and narrow band (Lora) communication solutions. Among the features we offer :

_A full cloud-based backend, with complete access to graphical & tabular datalog, multiple device management, alarms & treshold setup…

_A full device-based service with similar features and HMI than backend (but multiple device management ;-), accessible through wire or local wifi

_API to interact with your own DB, loggers & automation tools

Your data are now in your hands, anywhere, anytime

Our right team to help you taking the right measure-based decision

At the origin of Metagritech is the meet of innovation passionated professional. One expert in start-up development & applicative solutions for agtech. That’s Alexandre. And The expert of disrupting sensors, Haytem.
Together we decided to join our skills and to change the game in field measurement and we created Metagritech.

Experience : 15 years of tech & business development in green biotech.
Moto : Make top-level production management accessible to anybody, anywhere
Experience : 10 years of disruptive sensor development, from design to industrialization
Moto : Whatever the measure you need, let’s make it simple, accurate and valuable

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Cross fertilization, shared intelligence and resources … That’s part of our DNA, and day after day we implement our network. Here are some of our supports, partners, friends … Will you be ?